Why Amber necklaces for babies?

What is Amber? It’s a resin made from sap! Sometimes they even have cute little bugs in them! Some Amber jewelry is polish. Sometimes it’s “raw”. I love the Amber necklaces, I love the look too! I believe we should to stay close to nature and embrace holistic and homeopathic routes over conventional medicine whenever possible. I have been researching Amber benefits for a while. I received my Amber Nevklace as a
gift when my first ( now 8) was still in my belly.
There are many uses for Amber. Anti inflammatory is one of the most popular uses.

I have a very expressive daughter and she’s a lot like me; if she’s happy everyone is happy. If she’s having a hard day well…. Everyone is having a hard day!

I learned about amber necklaces through a friend of mine. She gifted me 2,  One for me and one for the babe as a shower gift. As soon as my Little Lovely was old enough to start teething I put it on her.  This was my first baby and so since this was my first infant teething experience, I couldn’t really judge how much pain she was being relieved from if any. Then a few months went by and both were misplaced.

After lots of teething time and more and more fussy spells, I really started to think the amber had made a difference. My Little Lovely is getting older and there are new challenges: colds, sniffles, life… I purchased a new one and wow! Truly lightens her mood. Now she wears two, to cover the amber color spectrum. ( I had read some conflicting info about which had more strength, so I decided to have her wear it all).

When I feel like I’m grumpy or getting a cold I put mine on too. Maybe it’s the placebo effect?  I’m not sure how to explain my daughters mood change?! I’ve read lots on the energy of stones and I have been known to wear a fertility bracelet. (Especially now that we are trying to conceive another Little Lovely). At the very least your little one looks stylish. I get stopped a few times a day by amber necklace admirers.  They all tell me how cute my she looks with her Amber bling.