Colic, Breast-feeding and Food allergies

When my first baby was born we found out the very hard way she had food allergies.

If we would have given it a chance I would have( potentially) been a mother who’s baby is “allergic” to her own mothers milk. When I hear this often it worries me. Have all allergies been considered? Stomach enzymes are disrupted in Adults by foods sprayed with round-up/ glyphosate. Although many countries have banned this Monsanto product, the USA has not!

My little tiny 5 week old baby was very allergic to everything I was eating that was inflammatory. She was covered in a rash everyone kept calling baby acne… what?! I needed to get to the bottom is this.

Colic and baby acne? These things are Normal?! No!!!

I was given petocin, and probably antibiotics in my drip IV at the hospital. This ate up all the enzymes in my baby’s belly. She couldn’t digest : gluten , dairy or soy ( through my breast milk). At the time I was supplementing with an organic grass fed formula. Her constipation was heartbreaking. She had tummy issues for a while.

Baby #2 : petocin & antibiotics …his colic and food allergies were much worse.  He would cry from 7-9pm every night. It didn’t start until two weeks after birth, just like my first. It must take this long for the antibiotics to ruin the natural enzymes.

I went to a local Hollistic doctor. She confirmed his digestive enzymes were null. He had been allergic to the antibiotic ( they insisted I have because I was being induced). $20 digestive enzymes !! Just 5 a day completely handled his colic in less than 3 days!

He was a new, happy calm baby! The baby he started to be.

I worked to heal their gut linings and tummy troubles with wheat germ oil ( it’s not the same as gluten, rice bran solubles and biome medic! Both my babies issues have been sorted out in such an amazing way!

Baby #3 was born at home in my tub, we still had some gluten intolerance, hereditary. But we had zero colic!!!

We now know that gut issues are linked to mood and anxiety. We know that anxiety was at an all time high prior to all that’s been going on in the world. I can only imagine today…

We know that nutrition is lacking and caffeine intake is extremely high – all this adds to anxiety and depression.

Make sure you are taking care of your soul and self by taking care of your gut health!!!

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