Toddlers and Big Kids -Nightmares

When Bad Dreams Happen to Good Kids!

When my first born was 2, she spoke very clearly. I remember she would often wake up upset and I would rock her back to bed. She was dealing with nightmares.

It was bedtime and I was standing rocking her in my arms singing her a song facing a large window in our bedroom, on the second floor. We could see very clearly into the “forest.” I saw that her brows were furrowed and she appeared to be thinking very deeply about “sumting.”

I ask Mia Bella, what are you thinking about? Her answer felt like someone kicked me in the throat. “monstwers” she said. We lived on a reserve. The forest out the window looked deep and dark. I was so upset she was quietly dealing with these awful terrors. How long had she been thinking about “Monstwers?”

I asked more questions. She pointed to the ” forest” out of the bedroom window. She had been scared for a while, she just hadn’t mentioned it.

Sometimes she would wake up with a nightmare and not remember what happened, just that she was scared. They got more frequent. So we stared yelling at the monsters to go away, that didn’t always work. We’d pretend to punch them away. Sometimes when she couldn’t return to bed we would created a big balloon in her closed eyes. She would get inside and we would add the people she loved and things that made her feel safe, one at a time… all this, usually around 2am-3am.

So now I’m on to my 2nd little munchkin turning almost 4, hes been dealing with nightmares here and there too. We’ve tried some of the old tricks. HOWEVER my favorite trick and whats worked BEST is the “GO AWAY MONSTER SPRAY” its all essential ( calming) oils and they can spray and say their own little chant. We say ” Go away Monsters, NOT TODAY.” I’m happy to say I’ve added it to My Crunchie Shop!


I am surprised how many littles are dealing with this! Cutting out anything sugary before ed helps. Vitamin B1 helps too!

Depending on your beliefs there are many theories about young nightmares in young people. This is my favorite way to help! Its a tough thing to over-come. Remember you should always wake them from a nightmare because they are too young to know the difference! If this helps one family my heart will be happy!

Happy dreams to you and your sweet peas!


Tell me any experiences you’ve had with small children and nightmares? How did you handle it?