PCOS and Fertility AIDS

UPADTE: Since writing this post I’ve become pregnant and now have a one year as well! Check out my other post for more details!

I have one beautiful daughter and have been trying for a second or quite a while. I have PCOS although my only symptom is scanty periods and cystic ovaries. When I started trying for my daughter in 2012 I was having consecutive periods, for me this was huge!

I spare you all the lengthy details and get more to the point. I have found after much research that there is typically a thyroid issue attached to PCOS and because of this issue estrogen and testosterone are very high. This situation leads to easy bloating and water retention ( estrogen makes everything grow). If you don’t have a regular period estrogen builds and we swell and feel weepy and so many other fun female issues. The testosterone can create extra dark hair and hair thinning , weight gain in the belly area as well as acne.

Diet and nutrition are everything.Foods have male and female characteristics. There are many estosterone and estrogen boosting foods and herbs.  I am a size 2 and weight 125lbs. I have to stay Gluten free with little to no dairy in order to keep my figure and stay awake during the day. From what I’ve learned In Chinese medicine, with PCOS is the fluids in the body get slow and thick similar to glue.Often the tongue is white, the eggs don’t shoot out of the ovaries. Instead they move slowly or not at all. PCOS and the issues that come along with it are due to insulin resistance. Magnesium helps the body utilize carbs and sugars.  Avoiding sugars ( like alcohol) and quick burning carbs ( potatoes, anything white, with a high GI ). It can be hard to live your life this way. So cutting down and adding supplements is a must.

Gymnema sylvestra is known in Ayurveda as “the sugar abolisher” and Alpha-Lipoic is also a must! Tryptophan and saffron help with sugar and carb cravings. The stimulate the same part of the brain that helps you feel happy ( go figure) so if you have your fill of either you should find your self eating less of the naughty foods.

I have always used natural thyroid support but recently found a new supplement that has changed my life! T-150! Make sure to take all your thyroid supplements with some type of oil or fat as the body can utilize it better this way! I use coconut oil because it always brings down Testosterone in women with PCOS ( double Whammy)!

I’ve burrowed and added a lovely and easy to read GI ( glycemic Index chart) stay away from the Red foods! As much green as you can!