Did your baby have delayed onset of colic?

                        – This post is intended for all Mommas, but focuses on Mommys who breast-feed, Love to all Mommas! –
So many Mommas are receiving antibiotics with and without being told before or during labor. If you tested positive for B strep or were in for a C- sections chances are you were given antibiotics through your IV.I was told that the antibiotics wouldn’t transfer to my baby ( although I knew this was not true, I couldn’t take the chance of meningitis.) And the fear was nourished heavily but the staff.

I did natural child birth, no drugs ,no pitocin , in a water tub. They had to break my water and wouldn’t agree to this without the antibiotics.

SIDE NOTE:It was a battle for what I wanted but I held strong in the end its your body and your baby.
  It was intense but quick! I am grateful or modern medicine but I believe many drugs are over used. We have MTHFR which means we don’t detox properly so drugs stay in our system twice as long as most, sometimes longer.

Although this isnt widely known or talked about ( yet) its starting to become more mainstream. Its also not uncommon! 85% of the population is thought to share one of these “gene mutations”( See the book 85% solution). The nurse I had whispered to me, after she heard I was all naturale, that most babies who’s mother have drugs don’t even eat the first two days. They are too drugged. I felt a tightening in my throat. How many babies are going home to start life with terrible stomach pain, unable to absorb their Mommas nutrient rich milk? I’m not shaming by any means. My labors and births were super quick (1.5-2 hours) I don’t know how Mommas live through 20-30 hours!

My little dude was a dream for about ten days. Eating like a champ and sleeping right on time. Then he started crying, colicky, uncomfortable , uncontrollably crying, same time every night for 1-3 hours. Our more natural minded PED said “we don’t know why colic happens or develops.” and that was about it, no solutions except for the acid reflux. “sit him upright as much as possible.” I can only imagine what moms are going through. I know what it was like for me! I tried the “Colic Calm” that worked so well with my first, but it didn’t help ( she didn’t get the antibiotics). I spent the last two hours before he passes out rocking a screaming baby. Then he would fall asleep on top of me – out of exhaustion and I couldn’t move the rest of the night without potentially waking him and starting it all over.

We went to see our friend Dr Dana. A Dr of Oriental medicine. She does bioenergetic screening ( bhawc.com). Turns out the antibiotics had eaten up all his natural enzymes and natural gut flora. He couldn’t break down my milk. OMG! This explained so much! My poor sweet baby!

Now I’ve heard some Mommas say their Dr told them, their baby is allergic to their breast milk milk. This one breaks my heart every time. There are many common allergies that should be eliminated before stopping breast milk.
Common allergies: dairy, gluten, soy, nuts and eggs.

Did you know mothers milk nourishes the brain and gut first? Unlike cows milk, which nourishes the stomach? Since our children’s brain and gut need nourishing first, it’s the main focus unlike cows who have two stomachs and clearly different needs ( than most humans- LOL).

If your baby has developed delayed by 1-2 week colic it’s possible this from the antibiotic or drugs. We used Super enzymes by Now. I saw changes in the first three hours. Best $20 I ever spent. We also used customized tinctures to help remove the stagnate drugs too ( from Dr Dana) see her website above.

Sending love and good vibes to all Mommas! No matter if you are a breast-feeding or formula feeding Momma, babies with healthy bellys and digestion is best! If your baby is having trouble with the formula there are many options! HIIP is one of my most favorite for formula choices!

Please share your experiences too!