Breast Implant Illness

First let me say posting a crappy picture of me is probably my least favorite thing EVER. But Im not posting this for me. Im posting this for all the ladies who have found my previous posts and contacted me to tell me I set them on the path that has changed their life for the better, and for those who will find this post.

I was an implant advocate. A personal trainer and a wellness coach.

“Feel great about your body- why not!” -UGH-

When I heard of breast implant illness for the first time no one was really talking about it. Even though there was a whisper when Crystal Hefner had them removed but that wasn’t plastered all over the place by any means. The story seemed to sink to the back pages. I mean it sure is the bread and butter for many plastic surgeons.

It was August 2016, I didn’t believe it- or want to. It wasn’t until Dec 25th that I realized it was in fact what I was dealing with. I received my results of my heavy metal test and it was through the roof. I was at a loss. I was the healthiest person I knew. So crazy about toxic chemicals and organic food. Cleaning with only non toxic cleaners. We used only non toxic baby toys. I had changed my make-up and all cosmetics since getting pregnant. Where could this be coming from????

I had been getting every test I could… seeing every specialist. I was infertile but only because my body just stopped ovulating. I had PCOS but that didn’t stop me from getting pregnant in 3 months with my daughter. I had changed my diet and saw an Acupuncturist and BOOM!

I was tired and short tempered and had severe brain fog. My body was aching and I was blaming it all on being a new mom. So I figured it was normal.

A family friend – had a friend who had just explanted. I stumbled on a lovely Facebook group which would change my life forever. Thousand of women just like me having similar issues!

Apparently- for me, the biofilm that had surrounded my implants was disrupted by breast-feeding. Kind of shaking loose all of the toxins that were kept inside. It exacerbated my symptoms significantly. My anxiety was through the roof! My brain fog and body aches through the roof. I was dead by 3pm everyday. My face started to look older and weathered, my skin was dull and dry, my hair was dry thin and brittle. I was struggling with thyroid issues, autoimmune and mood disorders- so much more!

Then almost 2 years ago- Feb 10 2017 I was liberated and have never looked back.

5 weeks after my explant I looked ten years younger, 10lbs lighter and I was pregnant!!!!

I’ll be sharing all my magical detoxing tricks on the next post!

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    1. Hello,

      Did you get your question answered? I did a lift but many are choosing to do fat transfer. Please follow us on Breast Implant Illness Detox and Healing On FB

  1. Hi Darby, thank you for sharing your story. I just watched your youtube video with Dr. Dana. I explanted on September 14, 2018 but I am still having BII symptoms. The most scary and troubling is difficulty swallowing. I am really desperate to find someone who is knowledgeable in detoxing from the many chemicals in breast implants. Did you work directly with Dr. Dana? What would my first step be? Thanks!

  2. Hi Darby, thank you so much for sharing! Currently I’m experiencing some of the same symptoms that your personally described that you were having. Basically, have just confirmed my worst fear! I am so desperate to explant right now and am trying to get in touch with the doctor that installed my breast implants. The symptoms I’m experiencing makes me feel like I’m literally dying!! I’m even thinking to go to the emergency to see if they can remove the implants. I am so scared and can’t sleep without feeling the severe brain fog and shortness of breath!.

    1. Are you in the detox group on Facebook? Its called breast implant illness detox and healing. Also check out the detox website

  3. I have a friend who explanted already and is still having tons of problems, what would you suggest? Her story needs to be told

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