Which Detox do you need?


We live in a toxic world. We are constantly being inundated with chemical exposure, heavy metals, parasites, mold and so many other harmful environmental toxins.

A healthy body has a better chance of detoxing than one in the state of inflammation. Sweating is SO very helpful!

If your lymphatic isn’t working properly detoxing can be slowed! If your body is stuck in anyway, liver backed up, unbalanced hormones,parasites slugging the body down. This can slow your detox as well!

It’s a lot to think about! But work one thing at a time! No two people are the same! Remember there are many factors!

  • Lifestyle
  • Hereditary factors
  • Pre existing conditions

Do you know how glyphosate/ round up works? Essentially it kills the enzymes that allow the plant to absorb nutrients so it starved to death. READ ABOUT IT HERE

Isn’t it strange hat so many people are having stomach/ gut issues? Loosing hair? Having a hard time with nails and focus? All of these things link back to absorption!

Did you know historically anytime there are natural ways to heal the body the conventional/ medical system attack it? THE WAR ON NATURAL MEDICINE HERE

If we heal naturally the medical field will literally collapse. I’m in shock sometimes how much the natural ways of healing is attacked. Even by those who claim to be holistic themselves. Many are self serving, with other intentions. Competition or just ignorance.

But I remember, now is a time dark is coming to light. Remember how important it is to do your own research!

WATCH FOR RESULTS! Not just words!

There are supplements and minerals that help with absorption.

Did you know that killing parasites isn’t a one time thing? It has to be done in a cycle because they lay eggs that hatch and start the cycle again? It even works along side the moon cycle! ( I’ve added a link in the comments )

There are specific herbs that kill off parasites!

I’ve added my favorite 2 in the comments. In combo are a magic parasite blend!

Did you know that the Flu was killing almost 80,000 people a year with comprised immune systems? Did you know there are other cold like systems also harming people in the same boat?

Autoimmune issues and flare ups can also effect the body’s immune system!

I’ve had WONDERFUL results with Fulvic and Humic acid-even MORE BENEFITS HERE

What are your favorite detoxes? Please share your experiences!