Heavy Metals and the effect EMFs have on the body


We’ve been sprayed with chem-trails /metals for years without much explanation. Which puts heavy metals in our foods, water and air… All the elements we need to live.

Heavy metals add to infertility, confuse neurotransmitter in the brain, the body confuses them for minerals and absorbs them into our bones and they cling to fatty tissues.

Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s. High copper links to postpartum anxieties and depression. Platinum has been found in breast implants, in the 70s was used in chemo and it disturbs the nervous system. Heavy metals in the brain have links to autism in children. All these neurological issues…Things that take us out of control of body and mind. CHECK THIS OUT HERE

Because of all these metals we are more like walking magnets – more than we are naturally. The more metallic we are the more we are effected.

So many of us are attached to electronics devices daily. EMF has a stronger attraction to metals.

It’s very important that we ground our bodies into the earth, take time away from radiation or EMF and add scalar energy ( created by Nicholas Tesla) and grounding elements to our daily life. Home Scalar Devices HERE

Are heavy metal cleanses important? Tell me?

What has helped me?

To take internally :

High doses of natural food grade Vitamin C is helpful to remove copper and other metals ( remember to do your research).

Fulvic and Humic acid for all metals.


Bentonite clay ( food grade) helps remove metals too!  Research cycling this.

I would love to hear about your experiences and perspectives!

Pssst… These my posts are made from my own research and experiences. I’m not a doctor! Make sure to do your own research! Remember no two people are he same, we all detox differently.