Baby Bellies and Colic Calm

When I got pregnant there was no question “breast is best ” and that was my motto! However my breast didn’t completely agree, I was not making enough milk! Since this was my only plan , I wasn’t prepared for these issues! I started researching. After reading so many blogs and posts I finally found the Food Babe and I am now a huge fan! This site shows you exactly how to find the safest organic infant formula ( if your not doing organic you may want to consider, if the organic is this tainted think what the conventional is like ). If you don’t know who she is, I’ve included a link to the relevant topic so you can get acquainted!

So I was doing mainly breast feeding and at night and when I would run low , I would give her a formula bottle. I went through many types before finding a compatible fit , when I say that I mean nights of screaming gas pain. (Although “Baby’s Only” had the best ingredients switching a baby to cows milk often gives them terrible gas anyway since their bodies are made for mommy’s milk. This was the case, in addition she was constipated! Each type of mammal milk supports different body growth priority for different animals, e.g. goats milk helps develop digestion first and Mommy’s milk helps develop better brain activity – more on this on another blog.

Needless to say I was feeling stressed and guilty since I wasn’t making enough milk and it had been my plan to solely BF. I was feeling even worse when I would see her beet red face while trying to pass the awful gas induced by the formula. Poor thing!
Luckily, my friend Kiersten recommended gripe water. It seemed to help a little but Mia Bella didn’t like the taste so it was tough to get her to drink enough. So we kept looking for similar products and we found Colic Calm! A little yellow bottle of heaven! This stuff is amazing for gas, constipation, restlessness and anything else you can imagine that creates fussy baby-ness.

The liquid in Colic Calm is  black and stains like the dickens but oh my does it work! I make sure to give it to her with a bib or in the bath ( especially while teething right before bed). Mia could be screaming in gassy agony and within 5-10 minutes of taking it she was happy as a little clam! I started using it nearly everyday! It’s a homeopathic, contains no drugs or anything harmful so I felt confident in giving it to her. After discovering how well it improves bowl movements our lives changed … this stuff is truly amazing! Typically I wouldn’t dedicate an entire post to just one product but I am recommending it out daily and every mom has their own wonderful successes!

Happy parenting!

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