Beginning Your Detox Journey


I am so happy you have decided to share your journey with us 🙂 detoxing from breast implant illness is such an important part of the journey.


While there are many suggestions listed here none are made by a clinical doctor, suggestions are based off of personal experience. Each person will have different reactions and needs please be sure to do all your own research.


There are many stages to the journey of healing breast implant illness. The body goes into inflammation response and the autoimmune issues can be debilitating. Start on the autoimmune diet. HERE


It is believed that detoxing while your implants are still intact is useless. I believe if heavy metals are an issue for you and you are experiencing the side effects that go along with heavy metals starting to peel them back does help. When I determined I had breast implant illness I couldn’t stand another minute in my skin without doing something. My brain fog and fatigue was so intense I could barely make it through a day.


Pre Explant – My Salvation Was:

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  • Benetonite Clay 3 hours before eating in the am. The clay worked as a binder and helped remove chemicals. I had energy after taking it each day.
  • Can’t Beet This: This is a beet supplement but the combination of ingredients makes it more bio-available and extremely effective. While it is a detox product, it helps with methylation or detoxing . The formulation also has Cordyceps mushrooms which help open up the respiratory system and green tea which is an important antioxidant.
I did Yoga Nidra. No matter what your religious orientation is, it’s amazing and calming. This helped me so much with anxiety. It is free on YouTube. I made my intention ” my body is healing and removing all toxins I feel amazing” it is important that you find intention that feels good to you. I have created a healing guided meditation available Here. I did no other detoxing prior to explant.


The Day of Explant:

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This day should be a day of rest along with a few days to follow. Gentle liver support and detox tea.


1/2 Chamomile
1/2 Red clover tea


4 cups a day are used only organic high-quality herbs.  Try for loose leaf  to avoid metal staples steeping in the tea.


As you detox your organs its important to take special care of the liver. Milk thistle , selenium, beets, Niacin and a gallon of water with lemon are all wonderful ways to support the liver. Make sure you are drinking enough water.


Support your liver HERE


This list isn’t meant to do all at once, starting slow, seeing which products work best for you and when to ease off or add more is personal . No two detox journeys will be the same.


How to properly measure how much water to drink a day? Take your body weight, cut that in 1/2, thats how may ounces you should consume daily.
 Alkaline the body. Focus on alklaining foods. A guide HERE  
If you are a big meat eater this is a good time to focus on easy to digest proteins: Clean Poultry, fish and vegetable.


Make sure to add lots of greens! I use a green drink daily! Use food and food based products to alkaline. Make sure all the foods and product you use are organic. This cuts down on the chemical exposure. More Info HERE


Remove other toxic exposure in your life! My tips HERE


Many opt for a detox, I have a few I used that I loved. Good quality and good sourcing are KEY! Remember your body took years of toxic exposure, it may take a while to get it all out, even if you are feeling better!


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Disclaimer : We are not doctors. All of suggestions are from personal experience also through helping others some people will have stronger detoxing symptoms than others. Please do your own research and decide what is right for you.

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  1. I stumbled across a niacin/exercise/sauna/bentonite clay detox. Have you heard of this? You take high mg doses of niacin which opens the cell walls to release fat, then you rigorously exercise to get the circulation going, next sauna to expel toxins through skin, and lastly clay (or charcoal) to remove any toxins left behind in the bowels. Apparently it was used with much success with firefighters who inhaled toxic chemicals in 911 and gulf war veterans exposed to toxic gases. I will try it after explant next week!

    1. Hello!

      Congrats on your explant! That sounds like a wonderful detox! Let me know how it works for you! Also are you a part of our facebook community? Breast Implant Illness Detox and healing?

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